Ongoing collaboration and references

  1. European Institute for Nuclear Research (CERN):
    Ongoing collaboration with the TS-DEM group on commercialization of GEM foils. Since 2012 over 1000 GEM foils have been delivered for High Energy Physics experiments.
  2. Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung (GSI):
    Delivery of GEM foils for PANDA experiment prototyping.
  3. National Centre for Nuclear Research:
    Delivery of a GEM detector.
  4. Karlsruher Institut fur Technologie:
    1. Study „Thermohydraulic analysis of transient processes in cryogenic system of superconducting magnet, following magnet resistive transition and/or failure of the cryostat”, Karlsruhe 2012.
    2. Study „Calculation of quench gas line diameter and of the safety valve flow coefficient for the worst case scenario including simultaneous quench of all magnets together with a sudden breakdown of the insulation vacuum and electrical arc energy deposition in the helium”, Karlsruhe 2010.
    3. Safety study for Katrin: „Analysis of the safety unit for the vacuum vessel, based on the experience obtained from the September 2008 CERN incident, related to the electrical arch caused by the faulty splice of two superconducting splices”, Karlsruhe 2009.
  5. Participation in project „Highest magnetic field insert coil made from high temperature superconductors for 25 Tesla breakthrough” (HIGINS) together with:
    • the Chancellor, Master and Scholars of the University of Cambridge
    • Leibniz-Institut fur Festkoper-und Werkstofforschung, Dresden
    • Cryogenic Ltd, London
    • Trithor GmbH, Rheinbach
  6. Wroclaw University of Technology:
    1. Implementation of comprehensive measurements of thermodynamic characteristics of adsorption chiller, supplied by thermal energy which parameters are consistent with district heat, Wroclaw 2013
    2. Delivery of electrical insulation materials irradiated by electron radiation, Wroclaw 2011

Realization of R&D projects

In terms of research activities, TTA Techtra received subsidies for the implementation of R&D projects. Detailed information about the conducted research can be found in the News tab.